Seven brazilian kids to follow on instagram


Hey english-reader! Its been a while since my last post in your language, but today I brought to you a list of some kids for you guys follow on instagram and see the future of brazilian skateboarding! These kids already have great style, tricks and instagram accounts full of rad edits. Check the list out:


Gabriel is already a common name in the US. He’s been traveling up and down the Americas for a while now, mostly for participating in the annual TAMPA Am (last year he got 7th place). His insta account is filled with rad mini edits and funny stuff like portuguese jokes. He’s a local dude from Suzano, São Paulo, and, as in this video, he’s always skating the local park



@vitor.zekinha / @crocodario / @davi_theobaldo

We put these three kids in the same section because they are always skating together and doing instaedits for fun. If you enter in any account, you will see all the rad videos they are putting out. They are the next generation who will break your jaws and kill your spots. Check’em:


Sergio already traveled a lot in skateboarding and he already made a little bit of a name for himself in the US. He skates for @

friend_ship_skateboards @vibe_shoes @vivarodas and @5uperoskateboarding. He’s a beast in manuals, no complys and all the technical and inventive stuff that is going on in street skating right now!


In our opinion, Pedro is the sickest AM in Brazil right now. He just got his first cover of a brazilian Mag, Cemporcento, and he have been always killing it hard. He skates for @boulevardsk8co,  @officialbrasil, @rettaskateshop and he’s been spotted skating some pairs of Nike SBs lately, so you can be sure his getting his feet worked somehow. Pedro has the brazilian pop, mixed with an European creativity and a pretty good bag of tricks. He’s definitely the next dude to explode.


Last but not least, Luiz Apelão is here not only because he got mad pop and amazing flip tricks. His insta edits are well known between brazilian skaters: his friends already gave him the nickname of Apelão Tarantino! This is a must follow account, for sure:

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