Life influence on skateboarding aspects


Hey! This is my first post in English, hope you like it! And I hope it didnt have many errors! It happens, right? enjoy!

We, skateboarders, are, not only the best group of people in the world, but we are one of the most creative brains ever lived in this planet. Ok, past this sucking-balls introduction, we are truly unique. But we’re not only skateboarders. We are kids, parents, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, students, employees, journalists (as myself), lawyers etc. With that said, life can be tricky sometimes and can, without our free will, make skateboarding suck.

No, skateboarding doesn’t suck, but life, sometimes, make everything feel like shit. We all got those days when none of our tricks are landing or when we feel that our board is a piece of crap, and suddenly, the next day, the same board feels amazing. Yeah, those days. I know skateboarding is our “escape” for real world, for stress and everything, but is not always easy to forget everything and get loose and comfy riding the board. Well, fuck it,  stress is a common thing, but why interrupt something that takes the stress away? Our brain is a complicated, fucked up thing and some days are harder than others.

Not only the physical act of riding a board can be disturbed but skateboarding as a whole. I was reading the last giant Bob Burnquist’s interview that transworld just released and his story with AntiHero was messed up by life-outside-skateboarding aspects, such as money and personal intents. Sorry, I’m not trying to diss Bob but we all know it was money. You see, I completely understeand and support Bob’s decision. I mean, coming out from Brazil, kid opened the door for a new country full of bootlegs companies and dirty spots; then Anti come out and said “hey Bob ride for us, be our family” and of course kid said yes because all his heroes were there; then he realized that in US was something ALREADY BUILT IN SKATEBOARDING, A WHOLE SCENE, A WHOLE MARKET WAS ALREADY READY, and had something called “core scene” that Bob didn’t fit because he was a skate-rat who wanted to skate everything and most of all, make a good money out of it. Bob said he needed to help his mother and sister, but he also wanted to explore everything americans had already explored for years, skate everything those eagle-heads skated. That’s a story where life overcome the limits of skateboarding and makes you do things you never thought you would do, like Bob leaving Anti-Hero with no one backing him at the time.

Other complicated fact that always got some skateboarder involved are drugs. Skateboarding is a free “sport” (that are many definitions for it but let’s just leave that way). No drug tests and no coaches (well, in theory because you can tell companies’ bosses are coaches for sure) so the skateboarder is not an average athlete, or so, he’s not an athlete at all! Parties are common and abuses too, leaving skating behind and making you a dick from night to day. Is kinda similar of what happened with Marc Johnson and his Lakai video era when he used to do, like he said in the last (amazing) jenkem’s interview: “countless episodes of assholishness and wild, shameful behavior”. Yeah, Marc was lucky to be awesome in skateboarding and he probably must be a gentle person because he’s still around. But this don’t happen everytime.

Of course, exists something completely related to skateboarding that are all the injuries we suffer through the exposure of our bodies in such aggressive activity. We all suffer. We all suffered at some point on our lives, pros or not pros, sponsored or not, we all suffered. And yes, this can bring a man down with skateboarding, this can fuck a brother up.

This gets me everytime. It’s weird to think why some awesome dudes are not on spotlight anymore or aren’t in a good team anymore. Coming back on Bob’s case, it’s completely weird to think he’s on a national (Brazilian) team of an AMERICAN COMPANY. That’s something COMPLETELY bizarre. But that shows that skateboarding is not only about riding a board or doing some tricks. Skateboarding is a part of a man’s life that made the choice of entering this amazing world and as in every man’s life that are some other responsibilities he has to carry with him. It’s not only riding your board!

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