(Hey dear english reader, this is another one for you!)

When we
watch a skate video that not only shows the trick selection or the good old
skate+soundtrack combo, it easily gets our attention. It’s the pleasure feeling
that something different in skateboarding is being passed in front of our eyes.

This new
project called “storyteller” by Alexandre Veloso is an example of
this new stuff going on. The storyteller on this situation is the videomaker
himself, Ale, and through his Sony VX1000, he shows every person tiny universe,
love stories, hate, memories and come back stories, like Alexandre’s own return
on skateboarding. He said that “we are not anything that we are not. I am
what I am and I need to put that in light”.

In this
first episode called “nada.” thats brings Akira Shiroma as the main
star, we can see skateboarding tricks, hear poetry and feel the energy of the
duet that the videomaker and the skateboarder embrace for this project. The
fact that is filmed on the vx1000 is also something wanted by Alexandre because
“it has some features like the sound and the lens (MK1) that have some
kind of affective relationship with skateboarding”, he tells. “We
grew up watching skatevideos filmed with the vx and when we see nowadays a
footage with that language it actives our subconscious to those first 411VM
that got our attention to skatevideos at the beggining of our skateboarders

Alê and his arsenal 

To tie
everything up, you also get the audio of the poem called Tabacaria, by Alvaro
de Campos, that seems to embrace the main idea of the video, putting both
skateboarder and videomaker as the “agents of nothing”, searching for
their true self as the world asks so many questions. As Alexandre said:
“We have nowadays a internet-network kind of existence, where you can show
anything and everything but it doesnt really leads you somewhere. So I did this
project trying to show that skateboarding is only one of the things that
surrounds our life. Some of this ideas maybe would never see the light of day,
but with this project I can do this, like showing this poem that the subject is
the substance of nothing and make it talk with my personality and with Akira’s
too.” As here at Trocando Manobras we like to say: skateboarding is just
an open door to a whole universe. Dive on it.

See the first @thestorytellerstories episode featuring Akira Shiroma:


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